Plazm magazine founder, Joshua Berger, took us to a number of places of interest, including Portland’s famous burnside skatepark. Evidently it’s the main location for Gus Van Sant’s latest film, Paranoid Park. Next stop was the Voodoo Doughnut shop whose “magic is in the hole”, is certainly memorable with such items on the menu as “triple chocolate penetration” and the “blood filled voodoo donut”.

Voodo Donuts

Voodo Donuts

Voodo Donut's Menu

Voodo Donuts Menu

As we walked down Burnside Joshua regaled us with stories of Portland’s historic music scene and a few clubs that contributed to its making. We stopped in on Chloe at Reading Frenzy, an alt-zine shop located close to Portland’s famous Powell’s Books. This was one of Joshua’s picks, and the store is located along a popular block downtown near Powell’s on Oak street.

Joshua’s summation of Portland as a place that’s known for “beer, books and stripclubs” was duly noted and corroborated by a number of individuals we chatted with on the streets. And we love you Portland for all three of those wonderful things. Even the stripclubs.