One of our featured artists, Brittany Powell, recommended we stay at either the Jupiter: a very hip, renovated motel; The Ace Hotel on Stark St., or the Mark and Spenser hotel right across from The Ace. We settled on the latter, even though less aesthetically interesting than the Ace, only because they provided us with a better media rate. Otherwise, any three of those listed seem like good choices in great locations. The staff at Mark and Spenser were particularly helpful and accommodating. Convenient parking (although $16.00/night, less than the $20..00 the Ace was charging). The hotel has a lot of character too AND it was clean and roomy, as though those notions were foreign to each other from time to time. Which they often seem to be.

Ace Hotel, Portland

All in all,

Great couple of days in P-town (do they call it that? They should if they don’t. P-town.)


Buspass – Summer 2008

June 19, 2008

We were in Quebec City recently and connected with two artists who are also members of Avatar. Erick d’Orion is an audio artist who lives in the area of Limoilou, and Caroline Ross lives and works in St Roch. Erick’s piece is up on the site. We had a great time with him and he was a great host. He performed an audio improvisation for the show that demonstrates the subtle gradations and buildings of his work. He also took us to La Cuisine. A very cozy place in St. Roch with good beer and good, traditional Quebecois cooking.

We’re gearing up for a trip down the coast to highlight more artists for the show. We’ll be making stops in Portland, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Palm Desert and possibly Lost Wages, Nevada.

We remember that being funny when Lenny Bruce did it. On an LP.

We have some great people set for this run. We’ll be speaking with Joshua Berger, one of the founders of PLAZM magazine out of Portland. Plasm has been providing insightful articles and interviews on art and culture for over 15 years, and has the distinction of having their entire collection as part of the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

In the next few days we’ll be talking with other folks whom are taking part in the show. They’ll be talking about their work and Portland’s significant position within the contemporary west coast art scene. We’re also hoping for at least one micro-brew along the way. It must happen.

We’ve also confirmed LA based painter Robert Olsen. Robert’s oils of isolated objects at night have great presence, with a real sense of the world outside the frame. These are used objects, and the countless numbers that have used these objects are undeniable. We’re planning to follow Robert on one of his night excursions to capture these images. Hoping we do and don’t get rolled.

We have just completed editing the video for Quebec City audio artist, Erick D’Orion. Not only was it great having Erick walk us through what he does, he was an amazing host. We had been in Quebec City for 12 days before we went out with Erick, and had sampled many restaurants. Admittedly nothing really stood out as a great place to really hang out until Erick took us to La Cuisine: his pick for this episode. This is exactly our point with this series…we would have never have been able to find this restaurant on our own, without a local’s recommendation. The guide books recommendations were predictable, pricey, and touristy. Thank you Erick, Regis (our camera guy) and our hosts Ronan and Mirielle at La Cuisine. We had a fantastic time and will most definitely be back.