Jud Meyers- Sherman Oaks

September 18, 2008

Our final guide for L.A. was Jud Meyers, proprietor of Earth-2 Comics, a well known Comic shop in the Sherman Oaks area on Ventura Blvd. Almost curatorial in his approach to his shop, Jud’s knowledge of all things comics is broad and impressive. Situated close to a number of major movie studios, it’s not uncommon to find studio types in his place combing the racks for their next movie idea. A Sherman Oaks landmark, Jud’s store is situated right next door to La Frite, a quality restaurant that’s been in operation for over 30 years. Two doors down is Kung Pao, a Chinese restaurant that Jud recommends as well.


One Response to “Jud Meyers- Sherman Oaks”

  1. briony plant Says:

    Is this by any chance the Judd Myers that used to an actor too, attended drama school in 1989 London? (he was a big comic man then too) We are trying to find our Judd Myers as we are having an 1989 reunion this december… would be wonderful to find/see him…

    many thanks for any info/help.

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